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Over the years, I have ran into all sorts of KJVO defense tools. Many times when challenged, KJVOist will point those of us who disagree with King James Onlyism to The Answer Book by Sam Gipp. This book is another example of how KJVO defenders like Gipp will say anything in order to defend their KJV only doctrine.

As you read Aren’t modern English translations easier to understand? keep the following passage in mind…

Ruth 4(KJV)

1Then went Boaz up to the gate, and sat him down there: and, behold, the kinsman of whom Boaz spake came by; unto whom he said, Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here. And he turned aside, and sat down.

The Answer Book by Samuel C. Gipp

Aren’t modern English translations easier to understand?


Aren’t modern English translations easier to understand?


No. Some may seem easier to read, but none are easier to understand.


One of the primary advertising gimmicks used to sell modern English translations is that they will be easier to understand for the potential customers. The customer, having been assured that he/she cannot possibly understand the “old archaic” King James gratefully purchases the modern English Bible and unknowingly condemns themself to a life of biblical ignorance. Modern English translations may be easier to read but they are not easier to understand.

Let’s look at the equation in simple terms. If the “archaic” language and the “thee’s” and “thou’s” of the King James Bible really do hamper the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit in communicating His message to the Christians, then several things should be true of one or all of the raft of modern English translations on the Bible market today.

1. If modern English translations, such as the New American Standard Version, New International Version, New King James Version, and Today’s English Version were easier to understand, then the Holy Spirit’s message to the Christian would flow freer and accomplish greater spiritual victories in the lives of God’s people on an individual basis. Yet it is sadly evident that this is not happening.

In fact it is only too evident to any objective observer that today’s Christians are more worldly and less dedicated to Jesus Christ than their nineteenth or even early twentieth century counterparts who were raised on and read the King James Bible. Surely a Bible that was “easier to understand” would have dramatically increased successes in battling sin, worldliness and carnality, but this JUST HAS NOT HAPPENED.

2. Secondly, if the modern English translations were really easier to understand then I believe God would show a little more gratitude for them by using at least one to spark a major revival in this nation.

It is elementary to see that if the “old archaic” King James Bible has been hampering the desired work of the Holy Spirit, then God should be eager to bless the use of any translation that would be easier for His people to understand.

Again, it is all too obvious that no mass spiritual awakening of any kind has been initiated by any one of today’s modern translations. Today’s modern translations haven’t been able to spark a revival in a Christian school, let alone expected to close a bar.

In fact, since the arrival of our modern English translations, beginning with the ASV of 1901, America has seen:

1. God and prayer kicked out of our public school

2. Abortion on demand legalized

3. Homosexuality accepted nationally as an “alternate life style”

4, In home pornography via TV and VCR

5. Child kidnapping and pornography running rampant

6. Dope has become an epidemic

7. Satanisrn is on the rise

If this is considered a “revival” then let’s turn back to the King James to STOP it.

In fact, the ONLY scale used to claim success for a new translation is how well it sells. This depraved Madison Avenue sales system should set alarms ringing in the Christian. Instead, deluded by television, they dutifully nod and remark that, “It must be good, everybody’s buying one.”

Is there any “good” coming from modern translations? Surely. The publishing companies are making millions.

Today American Christians are spiritually anemic. They turn instead to their favorite “Bible psychologist” for help rather than Scripture. America as a whole is as morally decayed as Sodom and Gomorrah. (Ezekiel 16:49).

Where is the spiritual help and hope that an “easier to understand” translation should bring’?

Instead, perhaps we are in this desperate condition because of those very translations.

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Gail, Gipp and Grady: The trio defending Ruckman


Who is publicly defending Peter Ruckman? There are many who intentionally or unintentionally defend Ruckman by their silence. Some will write books hundreds of pages long for the noble cause of upholding the KJV, and yet will not warn even once in their extensive writings about watching out for Ruckman’s extremes on the issue. We have identified three prominent authors of the KJV only movement who unfortunately in one way or another are defending or clearly promoting Peter Ruckman’s views in their writings:

Gail Riplinger

Mrs. Riplinger’s writings may not mention Ruckman by name, but her regard for some of his extreme views are clearly evident. Notice this example:

A fog of emotional steam, that carries no substance, precedes comments such as, “I don’t believe the KJV corrects ‘the original Greek’ or ‘I don’t believe the KJV corrects the ‘Majority Text’ or the ‘Textus Receptus.’ … There existed a true original Greek (i.e. Majority Text, Textus Receptus). It is not in print and never will be, because it is unnecessary. No one on the planet speaks first century Koine Greek, so God is finished with it. (Riplinger, Gail. In Awe of Thy Word. Ararat, VA: AV Publications, 2003, p. 956)

As quoted, Mrs. Riplinger is teaching one of the most controversial views Ruckman is known for, namely that “the KJV corrects the Greek.”

In her most recent writings Mrs. Riplinger has taught that foreign Bibles should be translated from the KJV:

English-speaking translators today can simply use the pure preserved King James Bible when translating the Bible into other languages. Lexicons are not an option. (Ibid., p. 990)

This is very similar to Ruckman’s position, which we quote here:

Any translation on the mission field can be safely judged by a King James Authorized Version, and where it refuses to stick to the text the text can be altered safely to match the King James’ reading.  (Ruckman, Peter. The Monarch of the Books, 1980, p. 29)

The only LIVING BIBLE on earth today is the AV (1611), or translations made from it. (Ibid., p. 29)

Her derogatory views concerning Greek and Hebrew lexicons are not new. Notice this Ruckman quote years before she wrote her first book on Bible versions:

Do you see how often the infallible English can straighten out the Greek lexicon? (Ruckman, Peter. The Book of Hebrews. 1986, p. 1)

Also it should be mentioned that Mrs. Riplinger’s official website sells several books written by Ruckman, not to mention authors Sam Gipp and Bill Grady who are even more open in defending Ruckman.

Sam Gipp

Sam Gipp is a graduate of Ruckman’s Bible institute, and a few years ago Sam Gipp’s website contained an announcement that he had been awarded an honorary doctorate by Ruckman’s Bible institute (see photo on right of Gipp accepting doctorate from Ruckman).

According to documentation in the book Foes of the King James Bible Refuted by D.A. Waite, when asked, Sam Gipp stated that for a Russian to have the truth of the Word of God he would have to learn English.

Sam Gipp’s The Answer Book contains several sections in which he openly defends Peter Ruckman.

Bill (William) Grady

In a sermon on his website entitled Seven Signs of Pseudo King James Onlyism, Dr. Grady does not hesitate to mention how he was influenced by Ruckman’s writings. He mentions that Ruckman advised him not to mention him by name in his book Final Authority so it wouldn’t get rejected. Now however, Bill Grady is so firmly in Ruckman’s camp that he does not hesitate to elevate Ruckman in his sermons as is evidenced by the video on his website. Dr. Grady mentions in the introduction to the video that he was turned down further preaching opportunities at the church that sponsors the Bible college after preaching his controversial sermon. He seemed to take delight in this, considering this “rejection” a badge of honor. As demonstrated in announcements in The Bible Believers’ Bulletin, in recent years Dr. Grady has preached in conferences in Ruckman’s church.(source)

It’s interesting how Sam Gipp dances around the question,”Where was the perfect Bible before 1611?”  These KJVO leaders are dishonest and evasive.

I have been dealing with KJVOist for over ten years now. The hoops these people go through to defend this divisive false doctrine is amazing. The really telling thing is how these so-called “defenders” of God’s Word over look heresy within their own ranks. Heretics like Peter Ruckman and his foaming at the mouth clones are pardoned, and lairs like Gail Riplinger are praised as sound teachers. I have said for many years that King James Onlyism pardons a multitude of sins and heresies as long as the offending party is a King James Onlyist.

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