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God is releasing entrepreneur gifts. God wants to bless you, your idea’s, and business (source)

Once again the snake oil is for sale! This time Patricia King is putting a new label on the same old poison she has been peddling for years. Please visit Entrepreneur Gifts Released and watch this video for more information.

2 Peter 2:1-3 (New International Version, ©2011)

False Teachers and Their Destruction

1 But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3 In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.


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This is another example of Patricia King’s terrible misunderstanding of the Scriptures. By not rightly dividing the Word of God, it opens the door to many errors and false beliefs (2 Timothy 2:15). This is why we must study the Bible in context so that we can avoid gross errors like what is currently being taught by the “signs and wonders” movement (1 Timothy 4:1-2).

We do have direct access to Heaven through Jesus Christ the Lord (Hebrews 4:14-15). We can go directly to Him through prayer (1 John 2:1). This whole notion of us ascending into Heaven as taught by people like Patricia King is wrong.

As always, the marketing scheme rears its ugly head when we deal with false prophets/teachers. Why do we need to buy their products in order to gain understanding? The short answer is people who peddle these signs and miracles and new revelations really do not want their followers studying the Bible without their influence. To achieve this type of control over their followers, they employ all kinds of false signs and shenanigans (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12).

My advice for anyone involved in this movement is this: study the Bible without any study guides, daily reading plans, marginal notes, or commentaries. Solely depend upon the Holy Spirit to guide you as you study and meditate upon God’s Word. Seek the Lord through prayer and the deep studying of His Word.

1 Corinthians 14:33 (King James Version)

33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

I’ve said this many times in the past, please pray for these people who are deceived by the “signs and wonders” craze. I have personally witnessed its destructive power at work through some of my family members. It is heart breaking to watch loved ones send money to these false teachers, hoping to receive some sort of special anointing and healing.

Let us pray that God brings these false teachers to true repentance and ask God to deliver those who are deceived.

Bob Jones’s Experience of Heaven

Bobby Conner encounters angels on a regular basis

Patricia King on “It’s Supernatural” sharing her Christ experience

Rick Joyner appears on Its Supernatural

Patricia King’s version of salvation is false, built upon works rather than God’s grace. This false gospel of health, wealth, and signs/wonders is not the gospel outlined in the Word of God. The power of salvation is from God alone. It is by the preaching of the gospel and the drawing of the Holy Spirit that we are saved. Without the Holy Spirit drawing us to repentance, we are unable to even understand that we are in need of God (The blunt truth about the gospel and the false god of purpose). The power of God’s saving Grace can deliver Patricia King from the false visions and seducing spirits that are holding her in bondage (2 Corinthians 5:16-18).

Why do I believe that Patricia King is in need of salvation? This is based upon her beliefs, her fruits, and her acceptance of strange doctrines. I do not know her heart (only the Lord knows that information), but I am able to observe her deeds and study her beliefs/teachings. When I say that people like Patricia King need to be saved, I make this statement with a humble broken heart because I would love to see the power of the Lord truly manifested in her ministry.

Matthew 7:15-20 (King James Version)

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

I have many family members and friends who are caught up in this movement. I pray that God saves my family, friends, and the leaders of this movement. I do not feel that I’m stepping over the line with this post. I truly desire to see people like Patricia King experience the true power of God’s amazing grace. Until that day, I urge everyone of my readers to join me and pray for these people, humbly asking the Lord to save them.

Matthew 7:22-23 (King James Version)

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

God meant what He said and said what He meant.


“Salvation is of the Lord.”-Jonah 2:9 by C.H.Spurgeon

Where the life change gospel breaks down

Only the Holy Spirit can convict mankind to salvation by the preaching of the Gospel

The Gospel is enough

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a crazy person had some misguided idea about what prophecy was and then they were put in front of a piano and given a mic? Wonder no more...” source

How can people sit under this madness?

What’s all this with the media, movies, video games, computer games, and number one songs?

Maybe we can learn more from the following video:

2 Peter 2:1-3 (NASB)
1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.
2 Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned;
3 and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

Welcome to Session Two of Tic Toc Ministries groundbreaking seminar, “The Seven Spirits Of God!” As Christians, how many Gods do we serve? Is God one God? Does the Bible say that He is God in three persons, or as many call him, a trinity? And if not, does the Bible tell us how many spirits of God there are? Join Monica as she goes straight to the Bible for the definitive answer to the question, “How many Gods are there?” (source)

More heresy and false teachings from Monica Dennington.

2 Peter 2:1 (NASB)
1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.

Wife Of God: The Creation Of The Holy Spirit

“I want to pray right now for uh for your dream life...” Patricia King

Patricia imparts an acceleration of dreams, visions and revelations into your life and shares how God communicates His plans through them.(source)

2 Timothy 3:1-9 (NASB)
1 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.
2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy,
3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good,
4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
5 holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.
6 For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses,
7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith.
9 But they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, just as Jannes’s and Jambres’s folly was also.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit is female?

This video is a classic example of cult teachings and pure confusion.

Ephesians 4:14 (New International Version)

14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.

Hebrews 13:9-10 (New International Version)

9 Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings. It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace, not by ceremonial foods, which are of no value to those who eat them. 10 We have an altar from which those who minister at the tabernacle have no right to eat.