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  1. Jeremy Witte says:

    How can I subscribe to your blog?

  2. Jeremy,

    Just click the “Sign me up!” button under the heading “Email subscription” to the left.

    Thx for you interest.

    David J

  3. Mary Lou Moeller says:

    Thanks for your comments on Beth Moore. I have not read any of her books though I did borrow one from the library and read a few pages in it and found it very shallow. I am always a little leary of people who are popular. Do you know much about Eric and Leslie Ludy? I am currently reading a book by Leslie entitled “Set-apart Feminiity”. I’m about 1/3 of the way through it and it seems very good, not going on emotions, spending time with God and not using time for worldly entertainment. i tried to research the internet to find out about their background and where they stand theologically and can’t find much. Are you familiar with them and is there some reason I’m feeling I need to be a little cautious before recomending their writings to others

  4. I have never heard of Eric and Leslie Ludy. My advice is to take what they say and simply compare it to the Bible. I fully understand that people will have minor differences, but if their doctrines are correct then I could recommend them. I know it’s a time consuming process but one that is well worth the time.

    Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy my blog.

    David J

  5. christabelonuoha says:

    you are an IDIOT. you work for satan and dont even know it.

  6. christabelonuoh,

    Please expand upon you accusation with examples and reasons.

  7. pastor deepak kumar says:

    you are a geneiuse man and working good may god bless you more.

  8. S Collins says:

    God Bless

  9. buddy chante says:

    God help us. How do we stop this false prophet, James w. goll, from infiltrating our loved ones and our clergy. He is undoubtably the worst ting that has happened to Christianity since the “Auto de fey”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Keren Hapuch says:

    Greetings and peace in the name of Yeshua Messiah
    Your efforts are appreciated in attempting to shed light on false prophets and liars…we’ve seen the destructive effect of the perversion of the Word since the Garden. I surmise we are and will be seeing many more such profane undertakings as the end of this age approaches. I sending you blessings and peace in the name of Yeshua and find some comfort in knowing that the worse the condition of the ‘church’ and the world becomes, the more likely the imminent return of our Lord and Savior. Are you, as a Truth seeker and spiritually discerning servant, prepared to address the false doctrine that has been perpetuated from the pulpit as regards the traditions of man taught as doctrine better known as the ‘easter’ and ‘christmas’ holy-days??
    I pray the Holy Spirit of the One True God YHWH shows you what He wills and that you have ears to hear and the courage to continue seeking and teaching the Truth to the scripturally illiterate masses.

    Glory to my Master
    whose I am and whom I serve

  11. Joel says:

    No offence to you David…… but i wonder how much time you actually spend analysing scripture…. cause most of what i see in your blogs is tearing down other people…… while i do agree with some of your thinking, i wonder how much of your own writing is judgement’s about other people and their salvation…… alot of the pastor’s that you refer to as “false prophets” have encouraged thousands and thousands of people to follow Jesus….. just because you don’t agree with everything that they say doesn’t mean they are “false prophets and teachers”……. does people not agreeing with what you say make you the same??? i just feel you need to have a little more grace towards some of the people you take issue with……

    • beatrice logan says:

      i agree with you he who is without sin cast the first stone,he will have to give in account to God for every idle word spoken against his people,no one in this world is perfect.

  12. hitchface says:

    I know I’m just another guy on the internet with something to say, so I’ll understand if this isn’t taken to heart.

    People are generally intelligent, though they will make mistakes. They will teach the wrong thing if they are teachers, believe the wrong thing if they are believers and chew the wrong thing if they are eaters.

    My only real issue with sites like this is that so much energy is being spent with dire warnings and criticism. Yeah, we should be on the watch for stuff that can trip us up, and we should be continually checking our hearts and our beliefs. Yet we should really be spending the bulk of our energy spreading the good news to the lost, poor, sick and oppressed.

    The sole key element of our faith is summed up in three words.

    God loves us.

    God will not change based on our attitude towards Him or His people, or His peoples’ attitude towards you and I. I am the worship director at my church, and I get my fair share of criticism. I have to remember at all times that even when I don’t have a clue what I am doing, God loves me. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more foundational. In the end, nothing else matters.

    So, in reminding you that God loves you, warts and all, God loves each of the people on your list (warts and all).

    I would be immensely encouraged if, just once, I’d see a site like yours offer up prayers of blessing and life-changing encounters with God towards these people. “Shooting our wounded” comes to mind for some reason. Instead of warning people about whom you consider to be false teachers/prophets, why not encourage us to pray for them? Here’s how I’d do it.

    God, you knew each person on this list to the left before time began. You knew how their lives would transpire, and you knew the works of their hands. We pray now in the name of your glorious Son that you would bestow blessing on them like never before. That you would enter into their lives in powerful new ways that help them to see your Truth, unhindered and unaltered. Propel them into a passionate life for you, that they might reap a mighty harvest for Your Kingdom. To You be all glory, honor and praise. Amen and so be it.

  13. God does love us, but that does not pardon us for not obeying Him fully. What I mean is that we are told to call out and mark false teachers, to admonish our fellow Christians, and to stand up for sound teachings. Please read:

    Straddling the fence


    Do not judge – Matthew 7:5 – the forgotten passage

    Thank you.

    • hitchface says:

      Actually, it does pardon us. All that is required for a full pardon of ANY and EVERY sin, including false teaching (we all do it…) is faith in Jesus Christ. We can make grievous errors in our walk, but nothing will ever separate us from the love of God if we abide in Him.

      Note that I never said we should just overlook bad teaching or otherwise abandon the practice of theologically sound teaching. I don’t actually care to address that stuff on the ‘net because it leads to a stalemate with both parties looking foolish.

      Do you disagree that we should be encouraging one another to pray for these people? That is all I am asking. Instead of doing the legwork yourself, why not just give it to God and let Him sort the issues? My hope is that these people, if in error, are made right with God. I want them to succeed in the Kingdom. That will be done through prayer and their inner circle sharpening them. We should get on their side instead of drawing lines in the sand wherever we go.

  14. Keren Hapuch says:

    Nothing will seperate us from the love of the Father. But a loving parent will scold and correct His children. The commission to go into all the world and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom is for all of us indeed and we should never cease to speak and teach the Word. And some have special callings to minister to the Body, in these last days as true tribulation ensues.
    As fellow members of the body of Christ we are also directed quite clearly to admonish our brethren, and confront behavior or doctrine that is unscriptural. Very clear instructions are given to ‘shed light’ on what is false and evil, including to those in the Church that are ‘believers’ but continue in sin by either deed or word. Including the sin of ‘keeping the traditions of man while neglecting the commandments of YHWH.’
    And for those who will not ‘listen’, we are to shun them literally and not consider them to be a part of our fellowship any longer. When a Truth preaching Word blogging believer gives warning to any other ‘member’ of the Body, he has indeed done the Lord’s work. Our prayer is always to carry out this task, when the Spirit directs, with compassion and humility. With that done, if those who ‘need’ to hear will NOT hear, then we move on, kick the dust from our feet and put it in the Lord’s hands, for only the Holy Spirit can open the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

    Modern Christians are far too spoiled to being fed the sugar-coated gospel that doesn’t step on toes and continue to go through the motions, remaining scripturally illiterate, and walking in the flesh. The time for harvest is near and sadly, many in the Church will be trampled in the melee when it’s time to stand and be warriors for Christ.

  15. Jeff Jansen says:

    Thanks for all the great advertisement your giving our ministry. Jesus bless you!!
    Jeff Jansen
    Global Fire Ministries International

  16. SLW says:

    Thanks for doing what you do! I just found your site this afternoon, but I will be a regular reader and possible contributor. I’m elated that someone is finally saying what needs to be said, and providing a forum for others to express their feelings, hurts, warnings, and concerns. There are many false teachers out there today, and they do indeed disguise themselves well. As a pastor, I have to deal with undoing many of the false teaching that my own congregation comes in contact with. I have more NewSpring stories than you have space on your site, and I don’t even live in the upstate anymore!
    God bless you for what you are doing!

  17. Mark says:

    Hello again David, why don’t you expose this guy:
    He’s leading people to Hell right on Satan’s back.

  18. Mark,

    I know nothing about that movement. I will research it and study it asap. Thanks for the link.


  19. AMG says:

    I have some questions for Calvinists. I sincerely hope that you can answer my questions.

    Calvinists believe that no one can accept God on their own. They believe that God causes people to believe by the Holy Spirit.

    Question one: Calvinists believe that no one can accept God on their own. Which scripture or scriptures say that? Explain why it does not say that anywhere in the Bible.

    Read Galatians 3:2. In Galatians 3:2 we read that Paul asks the Galatians if they received the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard.

    Question 2: Why did not Paul say something like ‘I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by God giving you His Spirit so that you can believe?’

    Romans 10:17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.

    Question 3: In Romans 10:17, why does not Paul say something different like, ‘Consequently, faith comes from the Holy Spirit enabling you to believe, and therefore allowing you to accept the message’?

    1 Thessalonians 2:13 And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is at work in you who believe.

    Question 4: Why did not Paul say ‘…which is at work in you who were enabled to believe’? I mean, Paul is taking time to explain carefully to the Thessalonians, so why not explain more adequately, that is, more adequately by Calvin’s beliefs.

    Hebrews 4:2 For we also have had the gospel preached to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard did not combine it with faith.

    Question five: Why in Hebrews 4:2 did not Paul say something like, ‘For we also have had the gospel preached to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard were not enabled to have faith to believe it’?

    In Romans 5:1-2 we are told “…we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.”

    We have gained access by faith…there is no mention of the access in which Calvinism teaches, and that is having access by the Holy Spirit.

    Calvinism as a whole adds to Romans 5:1-2. Romans 5:1-2 is complete and accurate on how we get access to grace. Paul is revealing something extremely important here; he is explaining how we get access. Paul is explaining how we get access, and he does not say we get access the way Calvinists say, and that is by the Holy Spirit enabling us to have faith.

    If you know Calvinism, then you know that Calvinists believe we can only have access to grace by faith that God has enabled to believers by the Holy Spirit.

    Again, this scripture has Paul explaining how believers get access. In addition, nowhere does it say through enabling of the Holy Spirit.

  20. AMG,

    Romans 3:10-12 makes it clear that only the drawing of Almighty God brings a soul to salvation. Because of our sin nature, we cannot simply decide to take interest in God. We Calvinist believe in preaching the Gospel and we depend on God to do the saving(Romans 10:17).

    Here are some of my thoughts concerning this topic:

    Calvinism in prayer? Asking God to save someone

    I do not see any reason for an altar call.

    This was an article I copied from Truth Matters: 3 Typical Misunderstandings Of Calvinism

    I appreciate you taking the time to post here. I am firmly grounded in my beliefs, therefore it would be pointless to try to change my mind. Feel free to comment on my blog my friend.

    • AMG says:


      You did not directly address any of my questions. As for you saying Romans 3:10-12 makes it clear that only the drawing of God brings a soul to salvation because of our sin nature we cannot simply decide to take interest in God, you add to those scriptures when you say we cannot simply decide to take interest in God.
      How do you Calvinists claim sola scriptura when nowhere in the scriptures does it say that no one can believe in God after being taught?
      Where does our faith come from? Our faith comes from HEARING the word, see Romans 10:14. From hearing the word and being TAUGHT, Colossians 1:5, 7. From continuing in what we have been CONVINCED of, see 2 Timothy 3:14.
      You can ask God to save someone whether you are a Calvinist or not. However, man has free will, and God will say those who call on the Lord. God who knows our hearts will choose who He accepts to receive His Spirit. We receive His Spirit after we obey Jesus’ teachings.. (See Acts 15:8; Acts 5:32; John 14:23).
      Thank you for allowing me to post on your site. I love speaking of God’s Truth!

  21. James King says:

    God blessed
    america –We in the United States and Canada
    have been greatly blessed by God Almighty.
    We have lived in a beautiful land, a land of freedom and prosperity. God has blessed us with plenty of food even to the point of surplus. We have lovely lakes and forests and mountains.
    We can go north and ski and can go south and enjoy tropical beaches.
    God Almighty has blessed North America probably more than any continent on earth. And how do we show our thankfulness? How do we show our appreciation for all the good he has done for us and given us? We thank God by slaughtering little babies. We show God our appreciation for His many blessings on our land by rebelling against His word and allowing, and promoting men to marry men and women to marry women.
    We condone and promote all kinds of filth including adultery, fornication, stealing, cheating, drunkenness, greed and idolatry (bowing down to statues).
    We promote rebellion against God to our own destruction. We not only do all these evil things that God hates, but have pleasure seeing them done. We pay money to promote Hellywood (Hollywood) filth and allow it to be spewed out upon our young.
    Even our so-called religious leaders refer to the evil movie trade in their sermons, condoning, not correcting and rebuking. We have not only turned our back on God but we have defied Him openly. We have elected whoremongers and adulterers and baby killers and sodomites and idolaters to public offices. We have pleasure in their actions and approve them by our vote.
    Kill more babies! Whore around more, commit more adultery, get drunk and act like whores and pimps and bow down to statues: we love to see it, and want to do the same! And the children we don’t murder we want to grow up to be filthy baby killing whoremongers and liars, and drunks, and sodomites, and idolatrous rebels against God just as we are. Shame on you! Shame on America!
    Do you have sense enough to heed God’s warnings?

    “These horrors will serve as a sign and warning among you and your descendants forever.47 If you do not serve the LORD your God with joy and enthusiasm for the abundant benefits you have received,48 you will serve your enemies whom the LORD will send against you. You will be left hungry, thirsty, naked, and lacking in everything. The LORD will put an iron yoke on your neck, oppressing you harshly until he has destroyed you.49
    The LORD will bring a distant nation against you from the end of the earth, and it will swoop down on you like a vulture. It is a nation whose language you do not understand,50 a fierce and heartless nation that shows no respect for the old and no pity for the young.51 Its armies will devour your

    livestock and crops, and you will be destroyed. They will leave you no grain, new wine, olive oil, calves, or lambs, and you will
    starve to death.52 They will attack your cities until all the fortified walls in your land—the walls you trusted to protect you—are knocked down. They will attack all the towns in the land the LORD your God has given you. 53
    The siege and terrible distress of the enemy’s attack will be so severe that you will eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters, whom the LORD your God has given you.54 The most tenderhearted man among you will have no compassion for his own brother, his beloved wife, and his surviving children.55 He will refuse to share with them the flesh he is devouring—the flesh of one of his own children—because he has nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns.56
    The most tender and delicate woman among you—so delicate she would not so much as touch the ground with her foot—will be selfish toward the husband she loves and toward her own son or daughter.57 She will hide from them the afterbirth and the new baby she has borne, so that she herself can secretly eat them. She will have nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns.58 “If you refuse to obey all the words of instruction that are written in this book, and if you do not fear the glorious and awesome name of the LORD your God,59 then the LORD will overwhelm you and your children with indescribable plagues.
    These plagues will be intense and without relief, making you miserable and unbearably sick.60 He will afflict you with all the diseases

    of Egypt that you feared so much, and you will have no relief.61 The LORD will afflict you with every sickness and plague there is, even
    those not mentioned in this Book of Instruction, until you are destroyed.62
    Though you become as numerous as the stars in the sky, few of you will be left because you would not listen to the LORD your God.63 Just as the LORD has found great pleasure in causing you to prosper and multiply, the LORD will find pleasure in destroying you. You will be torn from the land you are about to enter and occupy.64 For the LORD will scatter you among all the nations from one end of the earth to the other. There you will worship foreign gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, gods made of wood and stone!65
    There among those nations you will find no peace or place to rest. And the LORD will cause your heart to tremble, your eyesight to fail, and your soul to despair.66 Your life will constantly hang in the balance. You will live night and day in fear, unsure if you will survive.67 In the morning you will say, ‘If only it were night!’ And in the evening you will say, ‘If only it were morning!’ For you will be terrified by the awful horrors you see around you.” Deuteronomy 28:46-67 (NLT) Bible

    Evil actions abound in our country and we are headed for destruction, and we keep on in our rebellion. Will we keep on doing evil and promoting evil in spite of God’s warnings?
    You just read what God said to Israel His chosen people. What do you think will happen to us? Anyone who knows the history of the Jews will know what God did
    to them for their sin against Him. How will we escape if God’s chosen did not? Look at Israel today do you think the wars and turmoil are accidents? Do you think our economic problems are accidents? Does the nuclear threat mean anything? If God is angry
    with us do you think we can win in a war against God, or the destroyer he sends to punish us? Don’t be fooled by political leaders who tell us we can change things by government policies, or a bigger army. Don’t be deceived by religious leaders who say we are ok as we are, and tell us just keep sending money to them.

    “Come, wild animals of the field! Come, wild animals of the forest! Come and devour my people!10 For the leaders of my people— the LORD’s watchmen, his shepherds— are blind and ignorant. They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes. They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming.11 Like greedy dogs, they are never satisfied. They are ignorant shepherds, all following their own path and intent on personal gain.12 “Come,” they say, “let’s get some wine and have a party. Let’s all get drunk. Then tomorrow we’ll do it again and have an even bigger party.” Isaiah 56:9-12 (NLT) Bible

    20 “What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.21 What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever.” Isaiah 5:20-21 (NLT) Bible

    We were the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now we are slaves to sin and a home of cowardly baby killers, sodomites, and idolaters (people who kneel before statues and pray). Time is growing short for this country and

    for you personally. It is appointed unto man once to die then comes the judgment. Are you ready to meet God Almighty?
    If you do not repent and come to God through our one and only Saviour Jesus Christ
    you will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. And you will suffer unimaginable torment forever and ever. God has made a way of escape for you. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. Come to Christ today.
    Christ died for our sins He was buried and on the third day he was raised from the dead in the flesh. God loves you. Pray now draw close to God. I plead with you to make friends with God. Please come and be reconciled to your creator today. I write this message because I care for your eternal soul. As a fellow human being I do not want anyone to go to hell fires. I beg of you to repent now. May God almighty soften your heart.
    The Final Judgment
    11 “And I saw a great white throne and the one sitting on it. The earth and sky fled from his presence, but they found no place to hide.12 I saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God’s throne. And the books were opened, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books.13 The sea gave up its dead, and death and the grave gave up their dead. And all were judged according to their deeds.14 Then death and the grave were thrown into the lake of fire. This lake of fire is the second death.15 And anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire.”
    Revelation 20:11-15 (NLT) Bible



  23. william says:

    Do u have prayer line that i can call

  24. Anna McDonnell says:

    Do you have any information on why Andy Stanley is off centre in his teaching? The pastor at our church is very impressed with Andy Stanley and from time to time he has the church sit through one of Andy’s series dvds. I have never been very comfortable with any of the seeker sensitive mega pastors and I don’t like my four teenagers being exposed to this type of teaching. I feel I need to talk with the pastor about my concerns but I’m not sure how to go about it. Have you any suggestions?


  25. Jeff Jansen says:

    Again … I want to genuinely Thank you all for the great thrust that is coming to our ministry! because of these amazing posts many are looking for healing in your stream and are seeking many of the miracle stream out. We have seen a dramatic increase … God bless you for this great work!
    Jeff Jansen
    Global Fire Ministries International

    Leading many to Christ through crusades and evangelism

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